Our Story

Born on beautiful Hornby Island, off B.C.’s Pacific Coast, Natalie Rabena, designer and creator of Rabenakini Swimwear, was inspired by the allure of her natural surroundings which has influenced both the form and function of her work. Natalie’s’ father, Glen Rabena, an accomplished artist himself, has helped to guide and mentor her creative journey, instilling her with the confidence to merge art and fashion into all that she does with Rabenakini.

Studying Fashion at Vancouver Community College, her work during this two-year program culminated in a sophisticated and elegant line of formal evening wear, featuring natural fibers, wool, and silk.  This first collection helped define her style as a designer and successfully combines classic simplicity with her signature touch of modern whimsy.  

Since 2017, Natalie has been working exclusively on her swimwear collection. She has defined a niche, creating a reversible, seamless swimsuit line that is sexy and chic, providing the feeling of ultimate confidence and comfort.  These hand-made designs are unique in quality and artful combinations of fabric, providing the wearer with choice and versatility with each suit being reversible.

Natalie is currently working on expanding her Summer 2020 collection to include a full range of Resort Wear, including options for men.  



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